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About Us

Something our dads tell us while wagging a warning finger - be a cobbler if you want to, but make sure, you are the best!

Somewhere the warning went home and look where it took us! Straight to our Pali Hill store! Leavessence is India's first retail store that serves an unheard-of, untried, amazing, out-of- the-world, melt-in- the-mouth, you get the drift, paan dessert.

The brainchild of two school buddies, Anuj Murarka and Shubham Bagaria for the past two years, they have been engaged full-time by their mentor Ajay Murarka in chasing a dream -- to start a one-of-a-kind paan desert store. Leavessense is the sister concern of Guwahati (Nagaon)-headquartered Green Leaves that's been in the industry since 2014 and is doing brisk business.

We started off fresh and raw - literally - not knowing how to go about things, but in time, we have learned how to tickle your palate with an awesome product, served in an awesome ambience. We are constantly learning from feedback and market conditions. We are a small team trying to maximize our knowledge in the F&B space in competing with well-established players. We need your patronage.

There was a time when desserts were relegated to the last page of a Menu Card. As an industry-first, Leavessence brings it to the first.

We believe in fresh and honest ingredients and avoid artificial flavours and preservatives to the extent possible. We believe that food unites and food excites. It influences our minds and moods.

At Leavessence, we wish to spread good vibes through our products.

Let us surprise you with the Leavessence paan!

  • Shop no 3, Bansari Apartments, 30th Road, Pali Naka, Bandra